I love trying new brands and discovering new products. I learned about Glossier through Instagram and I loved the brand’s message of skincare being first and makeup highlighting your complexion not masking it. All of Glossier products have that no makeup, makeup vibe to them and even their models deliver the au naturel message.

Cloud Paint


I don’t wear blush often so I don’t have many in my collection. After going through the Glossier’s website, this cloud paint blush in the color Haze caught my attention. I’m really glad I ordered it because you only need a tiny bit of product and it gives you a pretty healthy flush. I also like to add a little bit on my lips for a stain that matches my cheeks. I apply it with my fingers following the website’s instructions and I find this is the best way for me, using a beauty blender takes too much away and using a brush made mine look streaky. I like to pair this blush with a natural eye look because the pink color is pretty intense on its own. The website offers 3 other shades that I will for sure be trying very soon!

Boy Brow


When I was browsing through their website I also came across their popular “boy brow”. I purchased this bad boy and it’s pretty good quality for the price ($16). This product is a “all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper”. I like this guy because it keeps my brows in place and fills them in easily. I’m usually in a hurry so sometimes I don’t have time to define my brows with a powder and then set them so this get’s the job done. I picked the tube with the brown shade and they offer other shades such as blond, black, and a clear one for just setting. I would use this for an everyday makeup look and just be careful with how much you apply this is for more of a natural look. If you pack on too much it can get clumpy!

Terry Headband


I know, I know…why in the world would I buy a headband?! I just had to! I love skincare and wearing face masks and because I have a lot of hair it ALWAYS gets on my face and then I have face mask residue on my hair and it’s a mess. I saw this headband and I couldn’t contain myself! It’s comfy, cute, and awesome for spa night! Love this <3

Overall Experience

I wanted to include my overall thoughts on the brand and my experience with the shipping and customer service. I had no problems ordering, I ordered my products on a Friday and chose the 5-9 business day delivery option. This option is usually free when you purchase 2 or more products. When you’re checking out, they give you the option of sending you a sample, mine never came so I reached out to their customer service team and they replied the same day and gave me a $5 credit for the inconvenience which was nice of them. Also after you order the first time, you receive a $5 off code for your second order. All of the products came in box and inside of a padded pink pouch which I’m keeping for traveling(talk about useful and cute). The box also included glossier stickers and the headline “Skin First, Makeup Second, Smile Always”. None of the products arrived damaged and each had a really nice package. I give my first Glossier experience a 5/5!


Disclaimer: All of this products were purchased with my own money. My opinions are my own


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