I think for a lady having your nails looking fly is a must! I love my nails to be manicured and I usually rock them short, however, lately, I’ve had a long nail obsession. Longer nails make your fingers look long, slim, and I find them sexy. Since my natural nails don’t really grow evenly and getting acrylic nails can be pricey, I found a way to do my own at home, I spent less than $10, and it took me about 30 minutes from the comfort of my bed. If you want to save some money, can’t get a last minute appointment, or simply want to experiment with long nails before spending the big bucks at a nail salon,  Here is how to do it:


I purchased the Kiss full cover nails (comes with 96 of them) for about 6.49 at my local Walmart. They are clear and you can paint them different colors, draw designs, do french manicure, etc. The glue is included and it WORKS. Do be VERY careful when sticking them on, you do not want the glue to get on your clothing, hands, or face. It almost feel like super glue. If you get a tiny on your fingers, don’t fret it will come off after a couple washes and by using acetone on it. But please read the instructions on the box carefully. Once you stick them babies on you can move to step deux.


If you prefer extra long nails with original square shape then by all means you can leave them as is and skip to step 3. I prefer mine a little shorter and with a rounder shape. Just file them around the corners and the tip is to file down before you glue them on, this way if you file it too much you don’t have to get them off and start again. Try to file lightly and work around the nails until you get desired length and shape.


In order to get your nails to look professional, I like to paint them with a “gel” nail polish such as Wet N’ Wild 1 step wonder and I finish by applying a “gel” top coat such as Sally Hansen’s miracle gel top coat. These formulas are meant to look like a legit gel manicure without the hassle of having to purchase the expensive light, polishes, etc.


You’re ready to rock your nails girl! My recommendations are to be gentle with them, try not to do forceful things with your hands, also carry the glue that comes with the kit (it’s small enough to throw in your purse) in case one of the nails snaps off , you can glue it back on in 5 seconds and no one will notice. My nails have lasted me about a week without coming off and I take daily showers , wash my hair, etc. I just go on about my day to day normally but I try to be gentle when opening things, lifting stuff, etc.

Trust me you cannot beat the price and how easy they are to throw on for a glam manicure!


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