My favorite season of the year is hands down Fall. I know, I know! I’m I crazy? EVERYONE loves the summer because of vacations, tans, wavy beach hair, pool parties,etc. However, because I live in South Florida and our summer is never ending and forever humid, I get to enjoy lots of mosquito bites, sweat 24/7, high light bills, and my personal favorite, extra frizzy hair. So around this time I’m ready to start purchasing jackets, boots, cozy sweaters, different versions of pumpkin spiced candles, and investing in a nice blow out that will actually last 4 days and still look fab. Since I am stoked that we are right around the corner of Hocus Pocus and chill I wanted to share 6 ways to switch up your beauty routine and get fall ready with me!


During fall our tans start to fade and if you don’t want to keep up with self-tanners then  it’s time to hit your Sephora, ULTA, or beauty store of your choice and grab a lighter shade of foundation. My personal preference is to wait until around the end of September and then I visit Sephora to get shade matched.  I usually purchase a foundation that is 1 to 2 tones lighter and that has a matte finish.


Fall = extra dry skin. My best tip is to start gravitating towards more moisturizing products for both your body and face. I like to keep my face oil close and to throw on a moisturizing face mask for over night hydration. It’s also a good idea to not exfoliate as much because you want to conserve the natural oils on your face so that you don’t over-dry your skin and produce more oil.


I love nudes and blush tones and I’m pretty much committed to those shades but it’s nice to try and have fun with different jewel tones. I also like to use those tones on my nails with a nice matte finish and create smokey warm tone eye looks!


Like your skin your hair will also be needing extra love and moisture in the fall. I like to switch my shampoo’s and conditioner’s from clarifying to nourishing formulas and to change the hair masks I used most of the summer because just like your skin your hair also get’s used to products and they stop working so it’s always good to switch them up!


Dry cracked lips are the worst, you can’t enjoy a nice matte lip or even a nice lip color and they hurt so much as well. Make sure you beat them by keeping your lips nourished at all times. I love to keep one lip balm in my purse, one in my car, and a lip mask by nightstand so that I can apply it before bed and wake up with nourished pretty lips!



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